November 28, 2023

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Consulting services from Ovebone make a plan for success

Businessman manager using laptop check orders online goods worldwide for network with Modern Trade warehouse logistics. Industry of logistics network concept.

When business owners, especially new ones, sign up with Ovebone to provide third-party shipping and handling solutions, they don’t have to do everything themselves or learn the hard way.

The business has become a visionary and leader in its field by providing consulting services along with its normal supply-chain services. In this field, consulting services aren’t common, but the people running the company know that this all-around method is the best way to give their clients the best chance at long-term success.

In order to do that, the company has a team of experts who help clients who are stuck or having trouble with the demands of running a business. Clients can use the consulting services, which come with a variety of choices meant to help their companies dominate their market.

Following a Different Rule

Borderlinx, Stackry, and Shipito are some other third-party shipping services that can help users.

One service that Borderlinx gives is a shopping concierge service for people who don’t have time to do their own shopping. Shipito also lets customers “shop for you,” and through its “assisted purchase program,” it will buy hard-to-find items from a number of online stores. Stackry’s website also says that its customer service team is made up of people who are “experts on all things shipping.”

Getting advice from Ovebone

But these businesses don’t have as many ways to build a business as Ovebone does. There is a list of counseling services that business clients can choose from. One of the most important is finding and buying real estate.

The company can help you find space if your business needs it or if you’re a new business that needs to move out of the family basement but doesn’t have the time or means to do it themselves.

On its website at, the company says, “Our real estate consultants can look for new properties or space when you want to move or grow.” The consultants can also help the business owner get the best deal on a lease or purchase agreement once they have found a good site. The business wants folks to pay a fair price.

The consulting team at the company can also help businesses that already have a new place but need help fixing it up or making it better. There is also a lot of consulting help for business owners who need to plan a space. These professionals can make floor plans and workflows that make the best use of room so that workers are more productive and have better working conditions.

Plus there’s more help…

There are consultants at the company who can work with all of its clients and the manufacturers to make sure that dangerous materials are handled and kept correctly. The company’s business clients deal with dangerous materials.

On its website, the company says, “Safety is a top priority in our facilities. We want to protect not only customer property but also our employees.”

People who ship bigger items can also get help saving money. Consultants from Ovebone can talk to companies on behalf of clients to get the best freight prices.