May 18, 2024

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Why a Positive Mental Attitude Is So Important

Why a Positive Mental Attitude Is So Important

We value mental fortitude highly at APM. A strong will to succeed is one of our defining characteristics. Possessing traits like perseverance, tenacity, and resilience in the face of adversity can serve you well in any situation, but they will be particularly useful in ones over which you have little to no say and in which your safety and success are uncertain. You could say that sums up modern society perfectly, couldn’t you?

Rising interest rates mean that those of us who work in the mortgage industry must have strong mental fortitude. While we have all benefited from historically low lending rates, real estate cycles ultimately dictate our industry’s fate. To put it another way, that would be progress…toward a more stable market.

You understand the potential consequences of this. The persistent ringing of your phone may eventually stop. Some leads can get lost in the shuffle. The current real estate market may begin to calm down from its frantic speed. You need to be ready for every eventuality, such as the market temperature not dropping at all, dropping a bit, or staying the same.

Strengthen your resolve as you prepare to take on a more demanding environment

Adapt to New Circumstances

It’s the only constant in life. If you can adapt to new circumstances, you’ll be ready for whatever the future brings. You should be willing to adapt, but you also have the ability to initiate change. This does not mean making wholesale changes to your business every few weeks, but rather taking calculated chances that might pay off handsomely.

This may mean going out of your comfort zone and networking more often, or it could mean putting in more time hosting Zoom lectures, signing up for TikTok, and posting videos.

Set the Past Aside

You should disregard the past except for certain pertinent lessons learnt from previous blunders and specific historical market data. Thinking about the opportunities you missed won’t help you go forwards. The same holds true for thinking too much on a deal that fell through or a potential client who went with a competitor. Both of these solutions are useless.

Take what lessons you can from these setbacks and incorporate them into your future goals, but don’t let them keep you from moving further. You will be able to put the lesson to use with confidence and without continuously berating yourself for falling short of the ideal after you have internalised it.

Grit wouldn’t be grit if it were just needed temporarily

It wouldn’t be grit if you just needed it for a little time. Perseverance is a potentially important trait since it is something that may be cultivated and relied on over long periods of time. In case you didn’t know, the business we’re now in is a marathon, not a sprint; loans aren’t completed in a day. Keep this in mind as you incorporate new resources, practises, and abilities.

Although it may take some time, these results will become obvious in the end. This will make the taste of triumph all the more satisfying when it is achieved.


The secret to not giving up is this: don’t. You may feel like giving up, you may even say you’re going to give up, and you may think about giving up all day long. It really is that easy. Decide from the outset that you are committed to seeing this through to the end. You can absolutely make a U-turn, and you probably will. There is a large chasm between recognising that one’s strategy has to be adjusted and deciding that further effort is pointless.